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What is Kratom

What is kratom , simply put kratom is an amazing tree found deep in the jungles of South East Asia. For centuries, natural kratom has been used as a herbal remedy for daily aches and pains. Often it has been described to relieve stress. All though a member of the coffee plant, kratom is caffeine free and full of beneficial alkaloids.

Kratom leaves are harvested and dried using traditional age old methods, each kratom leaf is hand picked, de-stemmed then de-veined for super premium quality. The most common ways to buy kratom are through the Internet however one must be carful! Not every kratom shop can offer you a dependable wild-crafted source of genuine 100% ORGANIC KRATOM. Harvested from across South East Asia with total commitment to a high standard of quality every time.

Several alkaloids are abundant in kratom such as mytragynine, rhynchophylline, speciofoline and stipulatine. Mytragynine is used extensively in Thailand to increase work output and tolerance of direct sunlight. Market gardeners, peasants and labourers are said to use it to help them overcome the excessive labour involved in living in impoverished conditions.

A key industry index indicates a dose of 50 mg of pure mitragynine has produced motor excitement and giddiness. Kratom leaves are usually chewed or drunk as tea (infusion) to achieve the desired effects. Thai kratom is renowned for its energy and strong pain killing qualities with relaxing undertones depending upon the quantity used. Indo kratom strongly promotes motivation and energy, this is a must in replacement for that morning coffee, feel great, motivated and ready to take on the world. Malay kratom from the jungles of Malaysia has a firm following for its energy and strong pain killing effects again the relaxing side of this kratom is dependant upon the dose. Maeng da kratom offers strong effects starting with clear and sharp energy, euphoria then relaxation and strong pain killing qualities.