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PEP Vietnam Kratom tea bags, so why all the hype?

PEP Vietnam KratomNew from PEP kratom and harvested from the lush jungles of Vietnam, PEP present their new Vietnam Kratom tea bags. We have all heard about kratom from Vietnam and duly the respect it deserves, but PEP have put their own twist on Vietnamese kratom that is sure to change the way we all perceive how to use kratom and in what dose. To make things even more exciting these aren’t just ordinary tea bags they are a 3x extract made from Vietnam Kratom.

Kratom tea bags can sometimes be hit and miss this is generally because the user does not know how to use the tea bag for the best kratom effects. The first question you have to ask yourself is how strong do you want the kratom effects to be? For example, if you want a strong kratom dose for opiate withdrawal then you need to understand how to make a strong brew. We get asked regularly about the ‘kratom dose for opiate withdrawal’ usually from pain killers, if this is the case, follow these instructions to get the best from your Vietnam kratom tea bags.

Strong Kratom Effects:

1) take a small saucepan and add 2-3 cups of water and a squeeze of lemon.

2) bring the water to boiling point and add 1 tea bag.

3) turn the heat down so the water is simmering and cover with a lid

4) allow your kratom tea to simmer for 20 minutes stirring occasionally

5) after 20 minutes turn out the heat and allow to cool before carefully pouring

6) add some honey or agave nector to sweeten and enjoy your kratom tea

What if I’m in a rush and time is of the essence?

We have consistently made very strong kratom tea using the microwave method. The reason kratom tea bags are made available is for your convenience. Think about it, you don’t have to weigh powders or make a mess or be at home for that matter. PEP Vietnam Kratom tea bags are pre-weighed, 100% portable and ready to go when you are.

Microwave Method:

1) place 1 tea bag into a cup of cold water with squeeze of lemon

2) microwave on full power for 2 minutes allow to cool then drink

I prefer the pan method personally as I make 3 cups from 1 tea bag that way I can judge the kratom effects, plus I like to savour the flavor. Another good point, don’t discard your used tea bag as they can be used up to 3 times, obviously not as strong as the first brew but baring in mind this is all about value for money. The great selling point about the microwave method is a brew, that can be made in the office without having to hide what you’re doing, it’s just green herbal tea right?

I like too make 1 cup from the microwave method when in the office and leave my tea bag in the cup. That way, once I’ve finished my tea I can just refill my cup with water, a little lemon and microwave again on full power for another 2 minutes, cool then drink. PEP Vietnam kratom tea bags can be used for a lighter kratom dose simply by drinking one cup. For those of you looking for that extra kick or wanting to make a larger batch multiple tea bags can be used. Even a kratom dose for opiate withdrawal can easily be achieved from both of the above methods using only 1 tea bag which is always advisable when first trying kratom.





PEP Kratom Capsules

kratom capsulesDon’t miss PEP’s fab new line of enhanced KRATOM CAPSULES brought to you in 5 different kratom strains! A potent kratom capsule offering you all the very best of a Bali, Malay, Indo, Thai and Maeng da kratom powder…each perfectly enhanced with a kratom extract so you know they are brimming with high quality alkaloids and great value considering the high alkaloid content.

How many Kratom Capsules should I take?

You should always treat any herbal supplement with caution especially if this is your first time! Always start with 1-2 capsules, evaluate the capsules effects, then after a minimum of 1 hour repeat the process until you have found your correct dosage. If your looking to combat pain, aching muscles or just looking for energy remember that each strain has different effects. The effects are dependant upon the dosage and what you want to use the capsules for! Just remember always start small as you can increase the dose and monitor the effects so you know what works for you or the condition you want help with.

PEP kratom capsules are bursting to the brim with a generous 500mg serving of the finest Green, Red & White Vein kratom that S.E Asia has to offer… don’t miss out on one of the many different types of kratom in all of the PEP kratom range. PEP White Label is the latest addition to the kratom range. Branded ‘Affordable Quality’ and half the cost of the PEP Maeng Da. I can see why  they are so popular as PEP have enhanced the white label capsules to the same high standards as the rest of the range. Did I mention PEP White Label is produced from fresh Bali kratom?

In true PEP style these kratom capsules are brought to you in their distinct & characteristic handy oval containers, discreetly carried anywhere as your perfect pocket-pill companion. Re-use & re-seal each & every time for freshness guaranteed. PEP’s kratom capsules range is truly unrivalled..so go on…give them a go today


PEP Maeng Da Extract Capsules

pep Maeng Da

PEP Maeng Da Extract Capsules presented in their handy pocket pill tub and famous Kratom Black Label. The latest product from the ever-growing line up by PEP kratom. If you’re looking for the best kratom capsule on the market then look no further than these little guys! PEP Maeng Da Extract Capsules are packaged in pharmaceutical pocket pill containers that hold 20 X 600mg capsules.

PEP Maeng Da Extract caps are totally portable as they fit right into your pocket with the clever packaging design. Look out for the kratom black label with the authentic PEP logo to be assured of the highest standards in maeng da capsules. What’s more they fit right into your mailbox unlike normal pill containers guaranteeing you fast delivery every time even when your not at home!

PEP have taken the most popular kratom the world over – Maeng Da kratom – made an extract from it, packed in capsules then sealed in the handy pocket sized containers then stylishly finished, the original black label kratom capsules – simply known as PEP MAENG DA.

If you haven’t already tried the most talked about product  from PEP then don’t waste your time or money on any other kratom capsules as PEP give their guarantee on quality and purity.  If you are a fan of the new and very exciting PEP Maeng Da capsules why not let us know what you think of them? Maeng da extract capsules are five times stronger than maeng da, so these are only suitable for the more experienced kratom user.





Buy PEP Kratom Capsules | Kratom.co.uk

Kratom Capsules

Meet the UK’s largest supplier of PEP kratom capsules! Kratom UK are the largest online retailer of the highest quality kratom capsules available on the market. Buy PEP kratom capsules from kratom.co.uk for only £14.99!

Or for the more adventurous why not try one of their super kratom sample packs that are including the famous PEP capsules alongside other kratom treats for only £19.99! Buy your Pep Kratom Capsules here

Kratom UK are quickly becoming one of the most diverse online kratom shops on the internet today.  Kratom UK have added a new line of enhanced kratom powders and maeng da kratom capusles!  New lines of capsules include enhanced Maeng Da, Thai, Indo and Malay. Try the new and very popular Bali kratom a very relaxing strain stress busing strain.

If you want lightening next day delivery and excellent customer service then look no further than kratom.co.uk Did we mention that kratom UK have a full money back guarantee if your not happy with your purchase…. go on what have you got to lose?


PEP Maeng Da 50x Kratom Capsules


pep maeng da 50xPEP Maeng Da 50x Kratom Capsules – As a Kratom user of many years, I am as happy as a horse in hay to be given the chance to sample this new product – ‘PEP Maeng da 50x’. The caps look like … well, they’re just capsules. Apparently though, what makes PEP special is their Maeng Da content, which boasts an extraction level of 50X concentration! That’s pretty strong. In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever tried a kratom 50X extract before. So, first time for everything. Let’s give it a whirl then I’ll give you my review!

I’ve got my orange juice and tea on standby. It’s a warm and sunny evening if the need for a walk arises and there’s some good TV on as well, for chilling out. To use the scientific cliché, conditions are perfect!

Being fairly used to kratom, I’m going to go for 2 caps and see how that goes. That’s probably about 800mg of PEP KRATOM 50X extract, which is a much lower amount than I’d use if it was resin, 15X extract, leaves or powder. But they say this is stronger, so let’s give it a chance to prove itself…

I normally find that caps delay the absorption slightly, but not this time! That stuff must have been kicking to get out, as at 0+ 15 minutes I’m already feeling the tickle of kratom vibe in my brain, as well as an energetic tingle in my muscles. I was a bit tired, but that’s completely gone, leaving me alert and expectant, as the signs are that this is a good extract.

At 0+ 30 minutes, I am feeling a definite rinse of well-being and good energy. The stimulation is being tempered slightly by a warm, pleasant feeling in my body and mind. So I’m now in a wakeful mood, but at the same time calm and peaceful. I get the feeling that things will move to a more relaxed effect before long, so I get outside and have a walk while I still feel uplifted. Through my sunglasses the world looks bright and cheerful. I couldn’t feel more positive about life. PEP kratom is definitely working well!

0+ 1 hour: I got home about five minutes ago and the very act of stepping indoors made me feel immediately more relaxed – ready for some chill time. So it’s on with the tea, out with the juice and down onto the sofa, in front of the T.V. Still feeling great!

0+ 1 hour 30 minutes. I’m actually a bit more energetic than I expected. I’ve moved from the TV to the PC, first to do some emails and then for some gaming. The chilled out effects are still very much present and the more euphoric sensations are easing off slightly. I feel like I could stay like this for hours!

0+ 2 hours: The effects haven’t changed much – PEP MAENG DA 50X still feels great although all sensations are slightly softened now. This has really surprised me, as I normally find extracts to be relatively rapid to peak and come down. So that’s a BIG plus point for these ‘PEP kratom 50x’ which seem to be lasting much longer.

0+ 4 hours: The effects have gradually faded over the last hour, leaving me feeling fine and peaceful. No nasty after effects, just a faint afterglow.

0+ 4 hours 30 minutes: I’ve decided to go to bed. The next morning I found that I had slept really well, with quite vivid dreams, but there were no after effects the next day.


I was pleasantly surprised in two ways by ‘PEP Maeng Da 50x Extract Kratom Capsules’.

Firstly, I thought two caps would give me a taste of what it was like, then perhaps six or eight would prove to be a good amount for me. PEP’s 50x  was actually a good amount, which provided all the effects of a good whack of kratom!

Also, the duration of effects seemed to be a lot longer than most other powder extracts. This compared more with something like resin. That’s fantastic news for anyone who loves a bit of extract but finds it fizzles out too soon. This one just goes and goes!!

Overall, the balance between energy and relaxation was great for light physical and mental activity. Perhaps a higher dose would prove more relaxing. Having said this, I felt extremely peaceful and chilled out for the whole experience.

‘PEP Kratom and their 50x Maeng da’ blew me away! This is an excellent product, with all the hallmarks of a kratom legend! Thanks for the sample, I will definitely be coming back for more


"I feel like I'm living again" | PEP Kratom Capsules

Kratom CapsulesI have recently been spending time on the kratom association website which has some amazing stories about how kratom capsules have helped people and turned their lives around. Kratom Capsules in particular with their ease of use have been a specific help to people who have needed to use kratom while going about their day without having to make a kratom tea or other time-costly method. The below is a testimonial taken from a website about how kratom capsules have helped an individual overcome depression, anxiety and chronic pain:

“I take kratom capsules almost daily and the sense of well-being and energy of my youth is back. There has been no need to increase amounts of capsules and I can go days without it. My depression has lifted and I feel like I am living again instead of just existing. I am healthier in body and mind and have not been sick with colds or allergies that used to plague me. I assume this is certainly partially due to the wide spectrum of anti-oxidants in the kratom? The bottom line for me, kratom is a remarkable tree with great potential to do great good in our world. Let’s do all we can to keep it available.”


Kratom Benefits Today! | kratom capsules


kratom capsulesKratom capsules and Where to Buy Kratom! Kratom capsules offer a huge multitude of holistic health benefits. Each 500mg capsule packed full of the best kratom offering a 500mg dose per capsule. Kratom capsules have wrongly been viewed as a legal high however kratom has much more depth than this.  Quality kratom capsules have a much deeper purpose, providing stress relief, are an effective energy booster and go above and beyond what many people may think!

Kratom capsules have been used to assist opiate withdrawal, Nicotine withdrawal, post-traumatic stress and are an extremely effective 100% natural painkiller. MS sufferers are huge kratom connoisseurs claiming that kratom helps with the extreme fatigue and bestows them with a new lease of life. Kratom installs higher energy levels and eases the debilitating and often severe pain that MS can cause. Kratom is a 100% natural, cost-effective solution for many people, being a cheaper alternative to synthetic and often highly additive painkillers.

Kratom certainly deserve much more credit than it receive and should be duly noted for the positives it has on individual’s lives.  We welcome your input on our blog and hope you can help contribute to the benefits of kratom and how it helps your lives for the better.





DIY Kratom Capsules


Kratom Capsules: I recently stumbled across some interesting articles on the web how to make your own kratom capsules! What! They obviously have not discovered PEP Kratom Capsules yet!  If you prefer to make your own kratom capsules that is fine but make sure you have sourced a super kratom powder. Just remember the majority of kratom in todays market is from un-fertile swamped jungles making it poor quality, always sample a batch before you buy larger quantities then start to cap your own stock.

If you prefer an easier approach PEP kratom capsules have done all the hard work. Each capsule contains high alkaloid kratom, HPLC tested to guarantee your purchase, they come pre-dosed in a pharmaceutical grade portable pocket pill container.  Each kratom capsule is packed full of super kratom from mature trees meaning each capsule has very high alkaloid content, a cost-effective and time-effective solution for your kratom capsule needs.

PEP Kratom Capsules are the newest and hottest product in town. PEP have done the hard work so you don’t have to.  Don’t get into any sticky situations; to find out more CLICK HERE


Your Kratom Vendor pet hates | kratom capsules


kratom capsulesAt PEP Kratom Capsules we were interested to read on a kratom forum recently that a kratom vendor (very nicely) gave a monetary gift to a longstanding customer as a birthday gift. This led to a huge forum debate on ‘what’s the best thing a kratom vendor has done for you? Well this got the team at PEP kratom capsules thinking, lets start our own debate; but our question is… ‘what is the WORST thing a vendor has done for you?’

We wanted to start this discussion to get some valuable insights into your kratom vendor pet hates to ensure there are no ‘PEP’ hates out there! PEP kratom capsules pride ourselves in offering a dedicated, efficient and trustworthy service with a top notch product to match. We strive to offer our valued customers nothing but the best kratom, so your feedback is an important step in ensuring PEP kratom capsules are meeting your needs?

Please include your comments here on PEP Kratom Capsules to shine some light on how some kratom vendors just don’t cut the mustard.

Kratom Boosts Mood and combats Anxiety | kratom capsules

kratom capsulesAs a PEP Kratom Capsules enthusiast and endorser of PEP kratom capsules I am always overjoyed to hear kratom has affected people’s lives in a positive way. I was more than happy recently to receive an email from a customer – lets call them SWIM – who wanted to praise kratom for it’s curative properties with their Anxiety and Depression issues. SWIM had recently placed their first order for PEP kratom capsules for what they thought was going to be a vain attempt to help with their issues.

SWIM found kratom to have a profound effect on mood, inducing an overall happier mood and less anxiety experienced than normal. It is nice to hear that kratom and in particular PEP Kratom Capsules are offering a solution to individuals social-anxiety issues.

Once more I think kratom deserves a huge round of applause for proving itself once again as a helpful 100% all natural product offering its self to be much more than what the average person perceives.